The article below covers everything you need to know about managing your jobs, updating job tickets and streamlining your workflows using the Job Station screen.

It includes 3 sections:

  1. Accessing the Job station screen.
  2. Setting up stations.
  3. Processing jobs and tickets.

Accessing Tudodesk Job Station screen

To access your Job Station screen:

  1. Enter this  URL into your browser: https://[yourdomain] station
  2. Login using your existing Tudodesk email and password.
  3. Select the board you want to manage at this Job Station.

Job station automatically finds and lists all of your active job boards.

If you have already accessed the job station screen and selected a board, we will automatically reload that board. If you have multiple job boards and what to choose a different board — you can do that by going to the settings screen.

Setting up stations

You can set-up as many job stations as you feel you need. You may use one station, or you can set-up multiple stations — filtering jobs to appear at different stations around your workshop as tickets update and progress.

Column sizing and ordering

Columns can be stretched, reduced or re-arranged to help you get the best view of your tickets on different size screens.

Sorting tickets

You can sort your tickets by any column in ascending or descending order.

Filtering tickets

You can filter tickets using the filter menu — you can select one or multiple statuses to so your station focuses on the tickets you need to process.

We remember your filter, sort, column order and size settings so when you return you station will be automatically return to your personal settings. You settings are stored on your local device — so you can configure multiple stations with different settings and views.

Setting up a wall mounted job load screen

The job station screen can be used as a wall-mounted panel to display ticket load and ordering in your workshop. The wall panel will update giving your team a visual display of the current work-load. Ticket labels and the traffic light warning indicators can be used to focus your team on what tickets need processing first.

Accessing the settings screen.

You can access the settings screen by clicking on the user profile avatar in the top right corner of the screen.

From the settings screen, you can:

  1. Change the current board setting (switch to another job board).
  2. Change the interval that the screen is automatically updated.
  3. Change column names.
  4. Set the default printer (requires print node integration).

Processing jobs.

The job station screen will automatically update at regular intervals — tickets will appear and disappear as they are processed. 

If you have multiple stations set-up, jobs will move from one station screen to another as they are processed.

How to open a job ticket

When processing a job, you may want to view the associated job detail, files and photos. You can open tickets by clicking the magnify icon in the left-most column of each ticket row.

Updating a job status

When processing a job, you will want to update the job status to progress tickets as tasks are completed.

  1. select the status from the drop-down, select menu. 
  2. click the "confirm changes" button.
  3. updating ticket status may trigger automated events such as automated emails or SMS messages.

Printing a job sheet.

When processing a job, you may want to print a hard copy of the job detail and attached photo's or files. You can instantly print job sheets by clicking the print button.

To print from the job station screen, you should consider using our PrintNode integration, which offers fast, instant printing from any device to your network printers.

You can print a single job sheet using the Print button in the menu bar.

Batch processing

You may want to process jobs in batches. You can to do this by selecting multiple tickets on the job screen. 

You can batch select tickets by:

  1. Clicking on rows to select and un-select.
  2. holding SHIFT, click, drag to select multiple rows.

When you select rows the batch menu appears.

From the batch menu, you can:

  1. Print multiple job sheets.
  2. Update multiple tickets at the same time.

Batch printing

The batch print menu will appear when you select the "Print" option from the batch menu.

Batch printing will automatically print one or more tickets using our PrintNode integration.

Batch update

The batch update menu will appear when you select the "Update" option from the batch menu.

You can simultaneously update one or more tickets to a chosen status. Updating your tickets status may trigger one or more automation's such as sending automated email or SMS messages.

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