Using Job Station, your workshop team will be able to intelligently process jobs, view and update tickets in a stand-alone, easy to use screen.

Why you should use Job Station

  1. Reduce paper.
  2. Organize your jobs and workflow.
  3. Track jobs and status.
  4. batch jobs.

The job display screen can be used as:

  • a single station for processing jobs.
  • multiple stations located in your workshop filtering tickets as they require processing.
  • a large wall-mounted panel for visual notification of workload as tickets are pushed and processed.

What you can do with Job Station

  • Filter tickets to specific statuses so individual stations can focus on -workload.
  • View ticket details, attachments, files and photos.
  • Update  a ticket status
  • Batch process tickets
  • Remotely print job-sheets, job travellers and labels from any device using PrintNode

How to run the job station screen

You can run job station on:

  • PC's, Macs and Desktops
  • Big screen panels
  • Tablets
  • Google Chrome, Safari and all major browsers.

Learn how to set-up and use the Job station screen:

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