This article will be a continuation of the previous article: How to send your first invoice in under a minute

If you have been following along you should have an accepted estimate and a sent invoice requesting payment for your first order. Depending on your customer journey you may convert orders into jobs and schedule them for production before you receive payment or before.

We are going to assume in the article that Jobs are created from accepted estimates so we will need to locate our original accepted order (estimate) from our customer.

If you are looking at the invoice the estimate should be the parent document and linked at the top of your invoice.

You can click this link and it will take you directly back to the estimate from which our invoice was raised.

If you don't have a referenced link you can locate documents in this project by clicking the "Show menu" button to open the project explorer and then selecting the documents options.

You should now be looking at the original order, or estimate that the customer agreed to.

Tip: The customers order is always a good go-to source of the agreed order and info.

The easiest way to create your Job is to use a macro button. Macro buttons are user-defined buttons that you can create to group multiple tasks into one button click. They make it easy for you and your team to 'actions' that you take to move the customer along the customer journey.

At the bottom of this document there is an article on how to create a 'Create Job' macro.

For now we are going to create the Job manually.

Click the show menu button on the document menu bar

Click 'Create' from the project explorer options

Select the  'Jobs' from the board menu

Confirm the details on the copy document screen

Make sure you select any files you want copied to the Job sheet.

Click 'Create Job'

Click 'Yes' if you would like to archive the source document (recommended)

This will open a new job sheet and copy all the information from the estimate across. The estimate is now linked to the job sheet as the parent document.

Select and schedule the due date for the job using the Calendar control.

If you want to "Queue" the job or mark it as in-progress you can click the Job status bar to update the status.

Congratulations! You have now created and scheduled your first customer Job.

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