The Tudodesk application is secure and operates in your browser using a SSL connection. In order to protect that secure connection your Star TSP650 will also need to operate over SSL. 

You should of already followed this article to get your printer set-up

You should first test if your printer is working over SSL from your device. 

  • Go-to your computer/device
  • Open your web-browser (Chrome is recommended)
  • Enter your printers IP into the address bar and hit enter (Note below we affix HTTPS://).


  • If your printer is not using SSL you will get a warning page in your browser informing you that the resource is not secure. If this happens you should follow the steps below.
  • If on the other-hand your printers admin panel does open you DON'T need to follow the steps below.

Creating a Self-Signed certificate

  1. Go-to your device (PC or MAC) open your web-browser (Chrome/Safari)
  2. Type the IP Address of your printer at the address bar

3. Select Login from the left or System Status at the top, then Login

4. Use the following credentials as show below: 

  • User name: root 
  • Password: public

5. Once you have logged in, select SSL/TLS on the left or Network Configuration and then SSL/TLS at the top

6. Please ensure your SSL/TLS settings are set to Enabled and using a Self-Signed certificate

7. Select Submit

8. Select SSL/TLS on the left or Network Configuration SSL/TLS from the top.

9. Select the option Create Self-Signed Certificate

10. Enter in the available fields with your local information.  

  • Domain should match the IP Address of the printer.
  • Use your company name for Organisation Name and a department for Unit.

11. Select Create to create your Self-Signed Certificate

12. Select the option Previous Page - the Certificate Form will appear blank.  Select Download

Installing the certificate on your device, computer

13. Once you have download the certificate if your browser does not automatically open it, open it from your download section.

14. Click Install Certificate

15. Follow the on-screen instructions for your device for Windows make sure you install for the local machine and place the certificate in Trusted Route certification Authorities

16. Once you have installed the certificate. Reset your printer and close and re-open your printer.

17. Now open your web-browser and enter your printers IP address with the prefix of HTTPS. This should now open your printers control panel using HTTPS.

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