When a customer or requester responds to a message Tudodesk intelligently routes that message back to the conversation thread it was sent from. When it does this, it will notify your team in the notification centre that there is an unread message waiting.

You can see above we have a message marked as un-open (green icon). If we click the message centre icon it will open and show us who the message is from and what ticket it is for.

We can click on the title of the message and it take us straight to the ticket so we can deal with the request and reply back to the message.

Above we can see the unread message. If we click on the title/subject of the message it will open the message and mark it as read. This is important and it tells other agents we have dealt with the request by removing the notification from the message centre. By clicking the title of the message again we can mark it as unread leaving it to the attention of another team member or agent.

You can now go-ahead and reply to this new message in the normal way by typing in the message box and clicking the send button.

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