If you are an agent looking for help using the summary builder, check out the article below:

For admins looking to create a predefined summary builder

Building professional summaries, intro's and specs for your leads, estimates, invoices and job sheets takes time, patience and a lot of repetitive typing. 

The new summary/spec builder makes it easier than ever for all your team to rustle up
killer document summaries with little to no typing at all.

Note: Only domain admins can add/edit set-up a custom summary. Make sure you have admin rights before you follow this article.

How to configure your custom summary builder

The summary builder should be configured for each document type. This allows for different documents to have different summary's (as you would expect).

Opening the summary builder.

You can open the summary builder by opening any document and clicking the 'Summary builder' button at the base of the document summary.

Adding a custom opening statement.

Sometimes it's useful to add a custom opening statement or paragraph to your statement. Your agents can customize this when they use the builder but in some use cases the opening statement may always be the same.

Check-able (select-able) options

You can add as many options as required. These options can be "checked" on or off by your agents. When the agent inserts the summary each checked option will be appended to the opening statement as a bulleted list item. 

Adding options

To add an option click the 'add option' button.

Enter your option title in the modal box and click OK

Editing or removing options

You can edit or remove an option by hovering over the option list and selecting the edit (pencil) button or the remove (cross) button.

Saving your configuration

Click the 'Save changes' button to save your configuration.

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