Tudodesk's notification centre forms the heart of you and your teams communication on a daily basis. The notification centre is comprised of four feeds that are designed to keep your team up to date and productive wherever you are and whatever the time.

The four icons from left to right are:

  • Notifications
  • Message Centre
  • Feed
  • Task Centre

Each feed of the notification centre runs in real time and synchronises with your team mates and customers, making it easy to keep updated with key events and transactions as they happen.

Note: The notification centre draws attention via your browsers native pop up notifications. For Google Chrome, consult their article on How to Turn Notifications On or Off.

Note: Tudodesk also sends e-mail notifications and announcements to keep you informed when you are not logged in to your desktop.


Notifications deliver real time updates to notify you and your team when important events occur. New leads, orders, online payments, reviews are just a few of the notifications that can be enabled.

Message Centre

Here you can view E-mails and live-chat all in one clear space, making it easy for you and your teammates to keep customer communication flowing.
Learn more about messaging


The live feed keeps you and your team up to date on all the activities in your organisation, on a board, a project or a document. As you navigate through boards and documents the feed will filter to show only activities for that view.
Learn about feeds and a tickets history

Task Centre

Real-time task management for and your team, directly linked to the projects and documents that you are working on.
Learn how to work with Tasks

Please refer to each of the articles listed below to learn how you and your teammates can improve productivity and communication using the notification centre.

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