Tudodesk incorporates three key methods to streamline and organize communication between your team and your customers:

  • E-mail
  • Real-time live chat
  • Automated messages


Whether you are working alone or in a small team, communication is an important tool for productivity. Tudodesk handily associates all messages with the documents and project that you, your team and clients are working on. Keeping communication in one clear location reduces the time spent juggling multiple messaging platforms and increases your efficiency. It also makes referencing previous messages easy for you, your team and your customers.

For example, when an estimate is sent to a customer, any negotiation is likely to happen through e-mails. Tudodesk automatically associates these negotiations with the initial estimate, clearly displayed for you and your client to know exactly what has been said.

Live Chat

Real-time live chat with your clients will help to put your business in the upper echelons of your sector. When receiving documents, your customers will be able to immediately ask questions and discuss specifics with members of your team. At Tudodesk we understand that response time can often dictate whether a lead is lost or retained, we have implemented real-time live chat for this very reason.

Automated Messaging

In our fast paced world of real-time messaging, getting information from your customers and chasing responses can be a time consuming task for your team and business. To help you drive more responsive conversations we built a powerful automation engine. Our automated messages are sent out based on specific document events.

For example, if a job ticket is updated as 'Completed' you may need to notify the customer. The automation engine can immediately alert the customer that the job is completed and payment is due, saving you and your team valuable time.

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