Tudodesk has built Live Chat that can be enabled on all the documents you send to your clients and customers. Live Chat makes it easy for your clients and customers to talk directly with you and your agents in real-time to negotiate deals and ask questions while viewing documents. This builds a more responsive platform that brings all communications directly into the projects and documents you use to deliver your service.

Navigate to the board view by clicking the 'boards' icon within the navigation bar.

Click the 'Show Menu' button as shown below.

Click the 'Settings' option from the list shown.

Scroll down to the 'Live Chat' heading shown.

Enable or disable live chat by dragging the blue button right and left respectively.

Add your standard greeting by typing a message into the text box highlighted above. 

Note: To address the customer by name, use the insert <%=customer.first_name%>.

Once your message has been set and live chat has been enabled, click the 'Quick Save' icon shown below.

Your live chat has now been enabled, and your standard greeting set.

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