Today I want to share with you a 'sneak preview' of our biggest update ever - crammed with more than 30 fixes, updates and features. This update builds on our existing progress for better productivity, segmentation of data and a cleaner responsive UI.

Customer life-cycles for better list segmentation.

We are adding customer life-cycles so you can segment your contact list into 5 easy to understand groups:  Contact > Lead > Opportunity > Paying customer > Promoter.  

This will help you focus your attention in a more meaningful way so you can grow your customers and business. We are adding new automation's to update a customer life-cycle, as well as adding them to macros.

Auto assign agent on first reply, update.

Until now when form submissions were sent the administrator was assigned as the ticket owner. We have changed that. Now, you are automatically assigned to a ticket when you update or reply for the first time. This helps your team manage tickets better with the acting agent being assigned.

We have added a new setting under boards so you can select what agent is the default owner of new tickets submitted via our API or from form or email submissions.

Improved file uploading and editing.

We have updated our already powerful upload picker to version 3. This features an improved UI. The biggest impact to you is the ability to edit photos before they are uploaded - You can edit, cut as a square or even a circle. This update fixes a bug in chrome which stopped the webcam from opening.

Add items to estimates and invoices using your RRP (inc tax)

Until now, If you had the RRP price of a product or service you would have to manually calculate the net price to add it to the checkout - Irritating.
We have fixed that with a new simple to use widget that does all the tedious work for you. You can add items with or without taxes - we do all the calculating in the background - just the way it should be.

Improved file attachment cards.

We have improved the UI of our file attachments. No longer are they messy variable heights - We have added some ingenious styling to make them auto scale at the same height - Easier to see, easier on the eye.

Don't share file attachments toggle on documents.

When you added files and attachments to a document - those files would be shared in the live portal - and possibly on automated emails. We are adding a simple security toggle so you can easily prevent this. Later we will do this on a per-attachment level for even finer-grained control.

Auto invoicing

If you send estimates and take orders online -  The next step was to send an invoice and take payment. This update makes that a whole lot easier.
Now you can mark an estimate as "auto-invoice on order" and we do all the work in the background to send an invoice and collect payment.
This will not only save you time - But helps you "strike while the poker is hot" making it easier for customers to pay the second they accept your order - 24/7/365.

Improved UI for archived documents in the project folder.

When you looked at project files in the project file explorer it was not possible to tell which documents were closed or open (archived).  We have added a nice UI upgrade so now you can visibly see which files are closed.

Set job due-date from 'Create modal'

We have added the due date to the 'Create job modal' so you can create a job add schedule it from one view.

New customer profile view

We have completely re-designed and built the customer profile page so that you can easily edit contact details, see documents, messages and activity from one 360 degrees view. This will make it easier for you to follow conversations across documents and projects.

New segmentation views for customers, documents, messages and tasks

We have redesigned the search views and added better segmentation to help you get a whole new 360 view on your business. This included seeing what documents have been recently viewed in the portal, what customers are currently active, what customers have been seen in the portal. What documents were recently edited or archived? These new segments give a more sort-able flexible static view of your data whereas the board views give a workflow-oriented live view of what is happening.

We have built new segmented views for

  • People
  • Documents
  • Messages
  • Tasks


We are improving our tasking system - We want to make it easier for you to set-up tasks for jobs - and view what tasks are outstanding, what tasks are assigned to who and what tasks have been completed. We are adding colour labels to tasks so you can prioritise them and we are going to display tasks directly on documents. Neat!

Responsive UI improvements for improved tablet and mobile.
We are not there yet but we are making small changes to the UI so we can scale down into smaller devices, so you can stay connected on smaller devices.

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