This Tutorial will show you how you can easily add a macro button to the macro bar of an Estimate to create a job sheet. Helping your team to guide customers along the customer journey.

You can add your 'Create Job' button at any stage of your business work-flow for example on an accepted estimate paid invoice or when customers goods land at your premises.

For this tutorial we will be adding the macro to the "accepted" stage of an estimate.

Navigate to an estimate on your accepted board. If you don't have one you can add an estimate and mark it as accepted.

Note: When you add this macro it will only show when an estimate is marked as "Accepted" This allows you to add buttons to provide a concise actions as estimates move along their workflow or journey.

Hover the macro bar just above the document. And edit button will appear.

Click the edit button. This switches the macro bar into edit mode.

Click the ghost add button to launch the macro editor.

#1 Design the button:

First add the basic styling and name for the button. I have used a wrench icon, named by button "Create Job" and given it a colour of  blue.

#7 Create a new document (Copy the source)

Then scroll down to section #7 when we can choose a board to copy our estimate to. In this case we select Jobs.

Tip: If when you create the Job your estimate is done with, complete. You can scroll up to section #6 where you can marked the "source" document as archived. That will remove the document from your live boards and de-clutter your desk.

 Click the "Publish Macro" button.

Congratulations you have now added a clear path to create job sheets when estimates are accepted by adding a custom macro button.

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