Sometimes you just want to create a Job, Invoice or Estimate and not log all of the customers info. This is particularly useful at POS (point of sale) in these scenarios you can just log the customer's first, last name or phone number in the title of the ticket or ref box.

Cash or walk-in sales are useful when

  • A customer does not want to log their details.
  • A customer does not have a mobile or email.
  • You don't want to log the customers details.

When you use a generic CASH, WALK IN or QUICK SALE account in this way you will not be able to

  • Send automate messages
  • Send automated SMS (enterprise accounts only)
  • Send manual messages

First, check if you have an existing cash account. 

  • Navigate to the contact search view by clicking the user icon in the side application menu bar
  • Try running a search for CASH and check if you have an existing cash account
  • If you do skip the section below to add a cash account.

Tip: You can repeat this process for  'Walk in' or 'Trade sale' where you want to log tickets to a generic account to save time for accounts where there is no need to log a customers record.

How to add a cash account

  • Navigate to the contact search view (see above)
  • Click the round blue '+' add button in the bottom right of the view
  • This will open the add contact pop up.
  • Enter CASH and SALE as the first and last names
  • Enter a unique email address such as [email protected]. This does not have to be a working email account since no emails will hit this account (see below) 
  • Click the add  button

This will create a CASH SALE account we can use to run our sales.

The next step is to make sure this account does not trigger or send an email.

  • type cash in the contact search box this will return the new account
  • click on the return account in the search list
  • when the account view screen opens click the 'edit profile" button
  • Uncheck the opt-in email fields shown above
  • Scroll down and click 'Save'

How to run a cash sale, job or estimate

To create a document using the CASH SALE account

  • Browse to the required document board
  • Click the round blue '+' add button in the bottom right of the screen
  • Or use the 'Add document' button in the top menu bar
  • This opens the 'Create document' screen
  • Fill in the basic document details in the normal way
  • In the customer search box type "CASH"
  • Select CASH SALE from the list
  • Leave the "Create new project..." selected
  • You can log the customer's NAME or PHONE in the title/ref boxes show, or in the summary box provided.
  • Click 'Create'
  • Log the ticket, document details in the usual way.

This created a new document, ticket attached to the generic CASH SALE account. We can find the document/ticket using document search and entering the customers first name or phone number.

Best practices

  • Always collect the customers email
  • Always collect the customers phone number
  • Always collect the customers first and last name
  • Create customer accounts when you have the above information as this logs the customer in the CRM system making it easier to locate history, documents and files.

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