Normally when you raise and estimate or invoice the customer is charged your standard tax rate set-up under you company settings.

To set-up your standard sales tax/VAT settings follow the tutorial below:

The tutorial applies when:

  • You charge sales tax
  • Your customer is out-of-state
  • Your customer is overseas

It does not apply if:

  • You don' charge sales taxes
  • You are selling to a local customer

If a customer is out of state or overseas you may want to send an estimate or an invoice without charging local state/jurisdiction taxes.

This can be done easily on an individual basis when you create or copy a document by selecting the NO TAX code.

Once you have created the document. Any sale items added will be marked with the chosen NO TAX code. You can also change the individual tax code on a per line basis in the money list.

Note: Once you have set the TAX rate for a document it can not be changed.

Understanding how Tudodesk sets the standard tax rate for documents.

  • When you create new documents, Tudodesk uses the standard tax rate set in your company settings.
  • When you copy documents Tudodesk will copy the source document's tax rate but will allow you to over-ride this from the 'Create document screen'
  • When you add item lines and products to document Tudodesk will use the 'Documents' standard tax setting.
  • You can over-ride the tax-code on individual item lines for finer grained control.
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