Tudodesk comes with a built in, fully integrated email, SMS and message automation engine. This is a powerful feature that can save your team a lot of time, automating tasks at scale, and help you deliver a superior customer service experience for your customers and clients.

Automated messages make it easy for you and your team to:

  • Send estimates and emails
  • Send welcome emails or auto-res-ponders when forms are submitted
  • Update customers on Job status updates
  • Notify customers when goods land
  • Request reviews
  • Chase sales with auto follow up emails after estimates are sent
  • Collect payment with auto-invoice reminders

Automation triggers

Automation triggers are events that fire when an action takes place on a document. 

For example when an estimate is marked as "sent" an automation triggers that sends the email to the customer.

Examples of triggers are

  • When a document status changes
  • When a form is submitted
  • When an order, estimate or quote is "accepted" or "declined"
  • When an invoice is paid

Scheduling when the message is sent

Once the event "triggers" you can set a delay (1 min - 7 days max) of when the message should be sent.

Drip email (Email stories)

Tudodesk offers even more power by allowing you to set-up message stories or "drip" emails that fire sequentially after an event takes place.

You can specify when and how the messages are halted. For example if you send a series of emails to chase up the order on an estimate, you can tell the automation engine to "halt" the emails if the customer "accepts" or "rejects" the order.

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