This guide provides step-by-step instructions to connect your Star TSP654II or mc-print3 to your internet router to provide silent LAN/Wireless receipt and ticket printing from your PC, Mac or Tablet. 

Tudodesk uses Star WebPRNT technology please ensure you have a compatible printer see link below:

For more information on your TSP TSP654II LAN Printer check out Star's online manual

Note: Tudodesk uses the Star's WEBPRNT technology to provide fast, silent ticket printing from any of your devices across your LAN. WEBPRNT allows tudodesk to print tickets "on the fly" without using the windows based printer pop-ups or browser print windows. This provides a far superior printing experience perfect silent printing of tickets.

The Tudodesk/Star printer integration can be used for printing:

  • Receipt tickets and invoices
  • Delivery notes
  • Packing slips
  • Job tickets
  • Ticket stubs

Why use a Star Thermal Receipt printer:

  • Fast silent printing "on-the-fly" directly from the browser across all your devices
  • Print tickets in seconds
  • Lower cost than using inkjet or laser A4 printers
  • More professional for POS installations and workshops
  • Easy multi user/device printing from one printer.

Device checklist

Before you get started you will need a WEBPRNT compatible Star printer. The most common is the TSP654II with a LAN interface or mc-print3.

  • Printer
  • Power cables
  • LAN Ethernet cable (to connect the printer to your router)
  • 80mm Printer Rolls (for printing on)
  • Cash Drawer (You may wish to connect a cash drawer - see below)

Printer set-up/settings

To get started, 

  • Connect the power chord but do not turn on the printer. If the printer comes on don't worry there is a switch on the side, turn it off.
  • Connect the WebPRNT printer to the router or LAN using an Ethernet Cat 5 or Cat 6 patch cable (RJ45 connector). This is your WIFI router. You should have some spare LAN sockets on the back.
  • Turn the printer on and wait for the green and red lights to stop flashing. You get a solid green light.
  • Now turn the printer OFF.
  • Hold down the FEED button on the front and turn the printer back on (while holding the FEED button down).
  • The printer will start printing, you can let go of the FEED button
  • The printer will print two tickets.
  • The first is all the printer settings
  • The second is the network card interface. This is the information we want. This may take a short while to print
  • At the bottom of this ticket is the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.
  • Your printer should now have a IP Address

Type the IP Address from the printer into the address bar; press enter. The Star Micronics Network Utility will load. 

Click Login (found in the control panel along the left side of the page).

 Enter the default Username and Password.

  • Default Username: root
  • Default Password: public

Check your printer has SSL enabled and has a self signed certificate. If it does not have one you may need to create one and download that certificate onto your local devices to allow SSL on your local Network. For more info contact [email protected] or refer to your printers manual.

For instructions on how to set-up SSL see the article below:

Connecting your printer to Tudodesk

  • Login to Tudodesk on your domain.
  • Navigate to the settings view
  • In the general section scroll down until you see the section Receipt printer
  • Enter the printers IP address you got earlier.
  • Scroll down and click save.

Your printer should now be connected.


  • Navigate to your Invoice or Estimate board. 
  • Open an existing ticket or create a new one. 
  • Open the ticket. 
  • Click 'Show menu'. 
  • Select the Star Print option your printer should instantly print.

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