To get your email address for a board open the board you would like to create a ticket by email on.  Open the Menu in the right sidebar and scroll down to "Add documents by email".  Here you will find your unique board email address. 

Note: you should keep this address private.

You can either send an email directly to this address or forward an email address to it.

When you do this emails will be converted into documents on your boards after a couple of minutes.

Formatting tips (How Tudodesk converts emails):

  • The subject of the email becomes the Title of the ticket.
  • The body of the email becomes the summary of the ticket.
  • The from email address becomes the person the ticket is created for (normally the customer). If the email is does not exist in Tudodesk we will attempt to extract the persons name from the email address.
  • Any attachements are attached to the ticket as attachments.

This feature is particullary useful for sending leads across from your companies main email address. Or sending documents in from other applications.

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