If you have not already heard we are having a huge push to get as many new features, fixes and updates out before the end of 2018. Why? We want to help you become even more successful in 2019. And to make that happen, we are doing all the hard work ahead of time.

One of the things we are constantly working on is new and innovative ways to help you centralize and automate the customer journey. 

We know many of you like to use your iPhones and mobile devices to snap photo's of jobs, projects as they arrive, while in progress and when they complete. Until now the go-to solution was to use Dropbox or Google drive to import photos into Tudodesk. 

Today we are shipping a new feature that makes that a lot easier, scan and send.

Scan and send.

It's pretty simple, 

First go-to any document and scroll down to the attachments panel (see above).

  1. Click on the scan button (this reveals a QR code)
  2. grab your iPhone, other other device with a QR code enabled camera.
  3. fire up the camera and hold it over the QR code.
  4. this will open Mail App on the Compose message view with a unique address pre-populated in the To: field. 
  5.  Double tap in the message Body this opens an options menu in IOS
  6. Tap the arrow to the right of the menu to view more options.
  7. Select attach photos or insert photos.
  8. Your be taken to your Photos where you can locate the required photo.
  9. Tap the photo you'd like to insert. You'll see a Preview of the image.
  10. Tap on Choose to confirm it. The image will be automatically inserted, attached into the email.
  11. Tap the Send button in the upper right corner once you've finished writing your email.

Seconds later the photo will magically appear in attachments panel.

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