Tudodesk has a number of ways you can add forms to your web-page. 

Before you start go-to the form-editor so you can capture the URL or embed code.

  1. click the settings cog in the bottom right of the side menu bar
  2. click 'Web-Widgets' in the settings left navigation pane
  3. click on the form you want to embed from the list shown

1. Using your forms default embed code

Paste the codes into your web-page where you would like to display it. Usually somewhere in the body section of your web-page.

The default embed option is a simple one line JavaScript code. It is designed to work on any web page.

The JavaScript embed code dynamically loads the form in an iframe. This means the width and height of the form are automatically generated. You do not need to update the code on your website every time you change something in the form-editor.

SSL secure forms:
All Tudodesk forms use SSL to secure communications between the client and our servers. If your web-servers are not using SSL you might like to read this article.

2. Linking to the form in stand-alone
You can add a link on your web-sites navigation or add a CTA (call-to-action) button on your websites home page to open your web-form in a new tab in the web browser.

You can use some simple HTML to add a link on your web-page that opens your form. 

<a href="[paste your link code here]" target="_blank">Contact us</a>

You should style the link using CSS to match the design of your website. If your using a Bootstrap template that might look something like this:

<a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" href="[paste your link code here]" target="_blank">Contact us</a>

If you need some code to make a nice link button try this awesome free button builder be sure to paste your forms URL.

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