If you're like many of our power users, you spend most of your day using Tudodesk to run and manage your business. Today I want to share a quick tip on how you can make that easier. With a desktop or task-bar shortcut. 

Google Chrome makes it easy to open shortcuts to websites right there on the bookmarks bar, but did you know that you can also create shortcuts to your favourite websites by adding them to your desktop, or taskbar.

These shortcuts are unique as they can be configured to open websites in standalone windows without any menus, tabs, or other standard browser components, similar to that of a Chrome Web Store app, nice.

However, a Chrome shortcut can also be configured to open as a standard web page in a new browser tab since the standalone window option isn't available in all versions of Windows.

How to Create Chrome Shortcuts on Your Desktop

  • Open the Chrome web browser.
  • Navigate to https://[yourdomain].tudocommerce.com/login
  • Login with your credentials
  • Open Chrome's main menu button, located in the upper right-hand corner of the browser and represented by three vertically-aligned dots.
  • Go to More tools and then select either Add to desktop... or Create shortcut (the option you see depends on your operating system).
  • Type a name for the shortcut or leave it as the default name, which should be Tudodesk | Dashboard.
  • Choose the Open as window option if you want the window to exist without all the other buttons and the bookmarks bar you normally see in Chrome (like the app store). Otherwise, un-check that option so that the shortcut opens in a regular browser window.

There might be some additional buttons or options in some versions of Windows, like one to specify where to save the shortcut. Otherwise, it will go straight to your desktop.

You should now have a chrome desktop shortcut.

Another way to create a shortcut on your desktop in Windows is to right-click the desktop and choose New > Shortcut. Enter the URL to your tudodesk control panel (https://[yourdomain].tudocommerce.com/cp) click next, Enter a name (Tudodesk) and click finish. 

Pro-tip: You can also drag your new shortcut from the desktop and drop it right onto the Windows taskbar (this Pins it) so that you can have even quicker access to it.

Now you can launch Tudodesk with just one button click. Stay busy!

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