The customer journey and workflow of every business is a unique process. Mapping out that process and helping your agents and teammates work to that process can be time-consuming.

Tudodesks document macro bar solves this problem by allowing you to create custom macro buttons that appear at explicit moments of your documents lifecycle guiding your team to the next steps of your process.

But that is not all. Macro's let you take lots of actions and bundle them into one button click, saving your business time and helping your teammates follow strict procedures.

Here are a list of some of the actions you can bundle in a macro

  • Create a task for an agent
  • Send a canned email
  • Update the status on a document
  • Assign a specific agent to a document
  • Archive a document
  • Create a new document on any board, update the status of that document, assign a specific agent to that document.

Use cases

Here are some use cases

  • Sending surveys when return shipping notes are marked as sent.
  • Creating and sending invoices when estimates are marked as accepted.
  • Creating shipping notes when jobs are marked as completed

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