Up until today building professional summaries, intro's and specs for your leads, estimates, invoices and job sheets takes time, patience and a lot of repetitive typing. 

This week the document summary builder is added to Tudodesk. The new summary/spec builder makes it easier than ever for all your team to rustle up killer document summaries with little to no typing at all.

Here is a quick look at how it works.

You can activate the summary builder by clicking the summary builder button at the base of your document summaries.

Once activated it opens a new panel where your domain admins can set-up and configure a leading opening statement and any number of selectable options.

Once configured, your agents can open the builder at any time click on the appropriate options and insert a neatly formatted summary into any document. You can set-up custom summaries for all your document types helping you customize Tudodesk documents even further.

Uses for the builder..

This opens endless possibilities for customizing Tudodesk to work better for your business, team and customers. And that's exactly what we are trying to do.

Checking in parts and items for repair centres.
If your running a repair centre checking in customers items and detailing condition, work required can be a timely process. The summary builder solves this problem.

Writing estimate summaries. 

Often when supplying estimates you need to detail, specs and procedures to detail your service. Use the summary builder to provide more streamlined professional summarys quickly.

Job specifications. 

Job sheets need instructions and optional specs to ensure customer requirements are met. The summary builder helps you pre-define what those options are and allows your team to identify them quickly on job sheets

Lead and enquiry qualification.
Making sure you have all the specifics to ensure your sales team can provide the best proposal to your leads is a timely process. You can now define a checklist using the summary builder and have your agents tick off as they qualify leads. 

The summary builder goes live this week across domains and is free to use with all plans. This is an early stage release so expect to see more functionality some time soon.

Let us know what you think and how you plan to use it.

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