We are making it even easier for you to manage and organize the work you do. Due dates for jobs does just that. The new due date feature helps you keep track on when your jobs are due with a traffic light visual warning system. This helps your team see what jobs need doing when.

Due dates are displayed using a visual traffic light system: 

  • Red (overdue)
  • Green (Due today)
  • Amber (due within 2 days).

You can set a ticket due date using the built-in native calendar control or by choosing one the pre-defined schedules from the drop-down.

Job due reminders (coming soon)
We are also adding a reminder that can be turned on when you set a job due date. Reminders send a notification to the assigned agent 1 day before the job is due.

To use the new due date feature you need to have a job board using the new 2018 form template and list row view. If these are not installed drop us an email with the name of the board you want to be updated and we can install this awesome new productivity feature for you.

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