We have released two new features in Sept 2018 to help you better manage your users. The first is admin roles.

Admin roles

As we roll out new features we wanted to be able to help you restrict how your teammates and users interact with them. This is part of us trying to help you secure your company data and what access your users have to that data.

You can now change your teammates roles to any one of:

  • Admin
  • Agent
  • User/Technician

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User deactivation

The second feature helps you stop access entirely by a teammate or user. As a result, that user will no longer be able to log in to Tudodesk, but they will remain visible in the user management screen. You won't be able to assign any data or tasks to that user, but their entire activity history will also be retained, as well as their ownership of documents such as deals, invoices and jobs. If necessary, you can then reassign those to relevant users.

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These two new user management features should help you better manage users and secure your company data as you grow your team.

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