One thing I love more than anything is getting a chance to share some of the cool stuff we build from the feedback you give us. We have some big features on our radar before 2018 closes and today I  want to share one of those big features with you.

The custom macro bar replaces the old static macro bar that had a bunch of buttons that did the stuff we thought you wanted to do.

In with the new
The new bar is programmable which means you get to tell it what you want to do. It brings loads more commands and what's best you can chain a bunch of commands together to get SH~T done fast.

Here's a look at what a macro can do:

  • Ask it to send a canned email (that is a stored email that can use template tags on the document it is run on).
  • Ask it to create a task for one of your team.
  • Ask it to update the status of a document.
  • Ask it to copy a document and open the copy dialog.
  • Ask it to copy a document and specify what it copies silently.
  • Ask it to send a document.
  • Ask it to send an invoice.
  • Ask it to send a review request.
  • Ask it to assign an agent to a document.
  • Ask it to archive a document.

And here's the

You can chain all those actions into one Button click. Helping you and your team create more productive workflows that work the way your team works getting more done, with less pain staking clicks.

The new macro bar rolls out early October. Not all of the commands will be installed straight away, but I'll keep you updated.

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