One of the hidden features that can have heaps of impact on your day is our fabulous markdown support. It works in lots of places - specifically when you are sending messages and when you're formatting the summary of estimates, invoices and job sheets.

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax.

You can use markdown to format text on your documents and when you send messages.

One of the most used markdown features is lists.

Let's say we are writing a proposal and we want to list the work we are going to be carrying out. We would normally do something like:

Using Markdown we can format the information into an unordered list

  • Disable parts
  • Clean and oil
  • Install new battery
  • Test and rebuild

To do this we use the - dash like so (notice the space after the dash) :

You can make your text bold by wrapping it in **asterisks**

**this text will appear bold**

Markdown formatting will be applied to documents in the live portal, on PDF and printed copies.

Click the link below to find more Markdown shortcuts that can assist you in your day-to-day formatting.

Markdown Cheat Sheet

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