We refer to tickets as inbound cases that are raised by requester's for cases such as support, help, incidents or sales leads. Tudodesk has other types of tickets such as estimates, invoices, shipping notes and jobs. We refer to these tickets as documents but they function much the same as tickets.

If you have been following along we talked earlier in this series about when a customer replied to an email and how it is added to the message thread of the ticket. As you and your team-mates work to solve tickets, there may a long thread of messages between agents and customers. We refer to this as the ticket conversation.

During the life-cycle of tickets automatons can also update and change the properties of a ticket. As well as actions customers can take in the customer portal (more about this later). 

So far we have shown you the ticket view where you can view all the ticket data (the properties, requester details, files and conversations). There is a second view to help you and your team-mates manage tickets - the ticket history or feed.

To see a tickets history, look at the test ticket (the first ticket you created earlier on in this series) and then click of the feed icon in the messaging center in the top right corner of the screen (it's the feed/radar icon second from the right). Click that and you will see the history of the ticket including the comments, messages and actions taken by the requester, your agents as well as the events that occurred.

There are many feeds to help you keep track of tickets and your business, this is just one of them. If we click the boards icon in the left side bar (taking us back to the support tickets bar), click the refresh feed icon in the top right side of the feed window (shown below) the feed updates to show us the history for all tickets on the support board, to date.

We can now see that the Tudobot has also been busy working on tickets. Sending automated emails that are triggered on events and generally carrying out automated macros to save us time (we will learn more about automation's and the Tudobot later).

As you navigate views we filter down the feed to help you see the history for the view you are currently looking at. To get a view of everything that has recently happened in your organization, return to the dashboard by clicking the home icon in the sidebar. To see the history for the support board, navigate to that view and click the feed icon or if it's already open click the refresh icon in the top right of the feed window.


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