New tickets need to be assigned to an agent so that they can be solved and closed. By assigning a ticket to an agent the customer will know who is dealing with their issue. 

You can try assigning a ticket using the following steps:

  1. Open a ticket
  2. Click 'take' just above the assignee box, or click the down arrow to assign to another agent in your organization.
  3. Make sure you click the green 'Save' action button in the bottom right of your window.

After a ticket has been assigned to an agent they will reply to the requester to solve the ticket to ensure the customer is satisfied and happy. Some requests may only need a single standard response for common topics such as your delivery address or bank details. For these sorts of requests Tudodesk uses a feature call canned responses. You can find out more about this later. Other issues that are more involved may require more information from the requester, or help from other agents, team members. For this Tudodesk uses Tasks and Commenting.

If you have been following along from the beginning of this series of articles about our ticketing system you should have your first ticket open. If you have not done already the ticket should now be assigned to you. (If you have not don't worry we can assign the ticket in just a moment).

When you get a new request from a customer such as a request about shipping details the first order of the day would be to send a polite confirmation email that you have received the request and that you are dealing with it. Tickets may arrive at any time of the day, night or week and it may be some time before the request gets answered.

Tudodesk takes care of this step for you. When a new ticket is created an email confirmation is sent back to the requester. These emails are called automated emails and they are sent automatically when various ticket events occur. One such event is the submit ticket event.

The requester can reply back to the email confirmation and when they do, the reply with any file attachments is immediately added to the message thread shown above. Because the customer replied, a notification will appear on screen and in the message center in the top right of the screen (shown below)

You can see above we have a message marked as un-open. If we click the message center icon it will open and show us what the message is and what ticket it is for.

We can click on the title of the message and it take us straight to the ticket so we can deal with the request and reply back to the message.

Above we can see the unread message. If we click on the title of the message it will open the message and mark it as read. This is important and it tells other agents we have dealt with the request by removing the notification from the message center. By clicking the title of the message again we can mark it as unread leaving it to the attention of another team member or agent.

So lets take the first ticket you created and go ahead and send a response. In my example the customer just need a confirmation regarding sending in an item. Once I have filled out my response all I need to do is send the reply. When you send a reply Tudodesk gives you the option to update the "status" of the ticket.

For support tickets the status's are as follows:

  • New
    All new tickets start life here and once updated can not return back to this status
  • Open
    When tickets are new and assigned they are automatically set to open. Otherwise open means the ticket is being dealt with by the assigned agent.
  • Pending
    Pending tickets are tickets where the agent has replied to the customer and is pending a reply, perhaps they have asked for a serial or order number.
  • Solved
    Solved tickets are tickets that have been dealt with and should be closed. When marked as solved if the requester replies they will be automatically re-opened.
  • Closed
    Eventually all tickets end up closed. If a closed ticket receives a reply from the requester it will be automatically re-opened.

Since I have answered the customers request I'm going to send the reply and mark the issue as solved.

You have now learnt the basics of resolving tickets. These basics form the basis of how all the Tudodesk modules function. Whether your sending an estimate, an invoice or creating a job. The same principles apply, but the ticket status's may be different. For example an invoice maybe sent, paid or void.


Reviewing a tickets history

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