We refer to tickets as inbound cases that are raised by requester's for support, help, incidents or sales leads. Tudodesk has other types of tickets such as estimates, invoices, shipping notes and jobs. We refer to these tickets as documents but they function much the same as tickets. read: Understanding tickets and documents

You can create a test ticket right away and start testing out the Tudodesk Support module to see what a ticket looks like.

So let's imagine you want to restore a guitar and you want to find out if you can ship the guitar to the repair shop, as you are not local. 

You can do this by asking for help by sending an email from your email account.  Test this out using a different email address from the one you used to create your Tudodesk account. Address the email to [email protected]. Fill out the subject and body of the email and if you want, attach a photo or file. When you send the email a new ticket will be opened.

Login to Tudodesk, then click the Boards icon in the sidebar. You will find your new ticket in the New Tickets view. 

Click on the title of the ticket or the ticket ID to open it.

When you open your new ticket, you can see that the email request you submitted earlier is on this ticket. Below that is the message box where you can send a reply.

Further down the ticket you can also see any file or image attachments that were sent in with the request.

At the top of the ticket you can see the submission date and the ticket ID which we auto-assign for you, along with a related reference. Just below that, you can see the requester's details; In this case the name and email.

When a ticket is sent in Tudodesk, it will attempt to extract the name of the requester from the email. If we fail to do that we will use the first part of the email address as the username.

Additionally, when a new ticket is created we use intelligent social api's in an attempt to enrich the profile of the requester, so you get a better picture of who they are  (this can later be helpful for your sales team). 

  • Profile photo
  • Full name
  • Social accounts such LinkedIn
  • Work and Bio

There is a much easier way to get ticket requests, support requests and sales leads from you website into Tudodesk by using Web widgets. Web widgets are embeddable components that can be added to your site or social network that capture support and sales requests from your customers. The first of which is the form-widget


Responding to your first Ticket

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