Once an estimate has been accepted, it can be converted into an invoice either manually, or using Tudodesk's automatic feature.

Manually Converting an Estimate into an Invoice

Navigate to the estimate in the document viewer as shown below.

Click the 'Create Invoice' button as shown below.

Amend any potential variables that may have changed since providing your estimate, such as the title of the document and the summary. 

Note: Tudodesk automatically checks if their are one or more shipping addresses available for that customer and gives you the option to select the correct shipping address for this order.

Click 'Create Invoice" Button to create the invoice.

You will then be prompted if you want to 'Archive' the source document. In this case that would be the estimate we used to create the invoice.

Click the 'Ok' button in the dialogue box shown below to archive your estimate.

Note: Archiving doesn't delete the estimate, but merely hides it from the estimates board view to keep your boards clear and up to date. We archive documents when we are finished with them. Since we have a raised an invoice. The estimate is no longer required. As all the information is on the Invoice. 

Archiving documents explained

Now that your estimate has been converted into an invoice draft, you can make any changes to the original details of the estimate such as fluctuations in price, additional charges, changes to the address or changes to the terms.

Once you have made the necessary changes to the invoice, click the 'Send' button highlighted below to send the invoice to your customer.

Make sure the archive box has been checked in order to keep your boards clear from outdated documents, then click the 'Update status and send' button as highlighted below.

You have now successfully converted an estimate into an invoice, and sent the invoice to your customer to await payment.

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