If you’ve saved an estimate as draft, you can update it by simply editing the details and clicking save. If you have sent an Estimate to the customer you can still edit it. When you edit an already sent estimate Tudodesk sends out an "auto-update" event that will notify the customer that the estimate has changed.

How to edit an Estimate

Go to the Estimate Board or use the document search to locate the document using its ID as shown below.

Note: Clicking the 'Show Menu' button whilst on any board will present a search function that allows you to find documents quickly within a board by typing in their document ID.

Make the alterations to the estimate, in this case the customer has asked for an additional full service and string replacement as shown below. Once you have made the changes to the estimate, click the 'save' button in the bottom left as shown below.

If the Invoice is not in Draft you can make a Journal entry to summarize your changes. Journal entries are useful as they help to keep track of changes you make to your documents. Add a note of what changes you have made. 

In this case the addition of an extra service, string replacement.

You now have two options. Either click save to save and notify the customer, or save silently to save the changes without notifying the customer.

Note: The journal entry is private and can only be seen in the feeds by you and your team-mates.

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