As soon as you’ve sent an estimate to your customer, they can either accept the estimate, reject it or use the built in live chat to negotiate it.

To understand how the client portal works look how it helps Brian's business.

Scenario: Brian builds custom guitars. His business has been steadily growing. Brandon sends Brian an online inquiry for a custom build. Brian gets all the details from Brandon including some photo's of Guitars he likes. He sends an estimate and Brandon views it in the client portal where they negotiate the spec and price of the build. Tudodesk notifies Brian when customers open emails and when they view documents in the portal. After they have finished negotiating, Brandon accepts the estimate and enters his billing and shipping details. Brian gets a notification and the estimate is automatically marked as accepted and Brandon's billing and shipping details are updated to the order. 

Not only can Tudodesk same your business vast amounts of time, but it provides customers with a better way to negotiate your estimates and place orders online whether your business is open or closed.

Manually Accepting or Rejecting Estimates

Occasionally you may have to manually mark estimates as accepted or rejected. Your customer might have accepted the estimate either verbally or via an email. As soon as your customer accepts the estimate, you can mark the estimate as accepted in Tudodesk. Learn how to manually accept or reject estimates using our article below:

How to Accept or Reject an Estimate

Once the status of the estimate is updated as Accepted, the estimate is ready to be converted to an invoice, or a job sheet. You can find out how to convert estimates into invoices using our article below.

Converting Estimates into Invoices


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