Data security and portability have been high on our agenda over the last few months. One of our primary focuses is on keeping data safe, fast and making it exportable. This something we are continually working on. We want to make sure our platform is fast, safe and above all easy for you to get to your data. This month we have added more security fixes and a new export/download feature for CSV and JSON data.

We have added new integrations including a Mail-chimp automation that can auto-sync your form submissions or contact data with a mail-chimp list. An improved gateways for GEO/IP as well as currency conversions. There are new payment gateways to show off, one being SagePay which offers very low rates and fast payout to UK customers.. 

Switch off email notifications
Email notifications seem like a great idea when you first sign-up but as you get to grips with Tudodesk the emails start building up. Document opens, Order confirmations, on-line payments and form submissions soon turn in-to a lot of unnecessary email. You can now switch off email notifications whilst still getting the important in-app "signals" that help you stay focused on what is happening.  

Row view on boards (beta)
While we all the love the pin views, which are great for a visual view we have always thought a row view would be equally useful, especially for job and invoice boards.

If you want to check out row view on any of your boards drop an email to support and we can get you switched over.

Email to boards

Did you know that all of your Tudodesk boards have a unique email address that is just for you? These email addresses allow you to create new tickets via… you guessed it, email! Take a minute to let that productivity steroid sink in. 

Here are some quick formatting tips to get the most out ground-breaking productivity feature:

  • The senders email (and name) become the requester (customer) if they already exist in your contacts list they are matched and joined to the ticket.
  • The subject of the email will become the name of the ticket.
  • The body of the email will become the summary of the ticket.
  • Attachments in the email will be attached to the ticket.

A great way to use this feature is to map a customer facing email such as [email protected] to the boards email and let customers send support tickets or enquiries directly on-to your boards.

Multi currency
Switch on multi-currency in you domain settings and your customers can see your estimates and invoices in local currencies with real-time bank rates thanks to an integration with

Flag support for leads and inquiries

We're on the global track helping you out-reach to a bigger audience. We know more and more of our users are getting international leads so we've made it even easier to see where your leads and inquiries are coming from. Intelligent GEO flags mark pins if the requester's location does not match your domain.

Easier file downloads and neater file widget

We've given the file widget a work-over and made it a lot easier to download - just hover and click the download icon. Don't forget you can drag and drop files onto documents, the project folder and the message window.

Improved embed-able and stand-alone forms

A common gripe was our embedded forms and making them fit full-height in all devices without using scrolls bars. Well we have that fixed. The embed-able widget will now automatically adjust its height to fit devices as well as when attachments are added. But that is not all. We've tweaked the layout and created a stand-alone version you can link to if you don't want to go the trouble of embedding . We've added your company details in the footer to make them even more compliant, along with our GDPR update we talked about last month. 

New Support Center and Help Articles and live support
You may have noticed we have added live support into Tudodesk. You can now ask for help, send feature requests, bug reports using the chat in the bottom left side of the screen. You can also search and find instant tutorials and articles to help you get the more out of our platform. Or hit

Here is a few 

More features...


  • Improved forms (new design)
  • Full-size auto height forms (no more scroll bars)
  • Group forms
  • New and improved file widget
  • Improved branding across documents and emails
  • New side navigation bar design
  • Auto subscribe contacts to Mailchimp
  • New flat style ribbons with brighter colours for live documents


  • Mailchimp
  • Trust pilot
  • SagePay gateway
  • for currency conversion
  • Apilayer for GEO/IP location


  • Copy of documents now autosaves
  • Shipping addresses disappearing fix
  • 404 pages for not found live documents and forms fix
  • Security patches and fixes for various data-sets
  • Preparing for MD5 hash id's for documents, forms and assets
  • Upgraded geo location api to more robust api
  • Document reference link reloaded app if not set - fixed
  • Fixed errors with inbound email attachments
  • Fixed error with inbound email messages with no subject
  • Improved server response for live documents and forms - cached resources
  • Improvements to UI of message center (on-going)
  • Fixed a number of errors in the feed rendering mainly html encodes, line returns etc.
  • Fixed auto suggest codes for live forms
  • Added brand colour to domain settings
  • Added link to menu bar dropdown for adding team mates
  • Added value to leads
  • Improved assign user UI/pop up now full screen
  • Added warning when trying to send Deposit requests with no line item or zero value.
  • Set date locale timezone issue caused dates to be generally 1 day out when set from client-side date selector.

What we are working on

These are just some of the big things we have coming later in 2018

  • Customized macro bar - Set-up your own macro buttons to automate multiple document tasks in one button click. Mark an estimate as accepted and create an invoice.
  • Custom summary builder - Easily set-up check lists for checking in jobs, creating detailed estimate specifications and more that format into the summary box as lists.
  • Payment links  - Send part payment links on invoices and estimates to make it easy for customers to part pay using a custom link.
  • Multi-payments - Accept part payment on invoices or multiple payment types
  • SMS - Improved sms automations for messaging.
  • Create a contact with a phone number or email - Fixes non-email contacts
  • User roles - Admin, Agents and Users. Restrict your users with role based security,
  • Disable user accounts

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