Tudodesk helps you to manage tasks for you and your team across the projects and documents you are working on. You can create tasks easily from any document view whilst being able to view and manage tasks assigned to you from the notification centre.

In Tudodesk a task is always related to a document. This makes it easy to link your teams tasks directly to work in progress on a project. For example if an invoice has not been paid you can create a task on that invoice for one of your team to call the customer for payment. Likewise if a job has been put on hold and the customer needs to be notified of additional cost, a task can be added to that Job sheet. This is useful since a task directs your team-member directly to all the information they need to complete the task.

Creating a personal task on a document or ticket.

  1. On any document view click Show menu in the document menu bar, this opens the project explorer.
  2. From the project explorer click Add task.
  3. Enter the task details in the box provided.
  4. Click Create Task.
  5. A notification that you now have a task will appear in the notification centre.

Creating a Task for a team member

  1. Follow the instructions above from any document view.
  2. Once you have entered the details of the task in the task window assign the task to a team member in the Assign to drop down.
  3. Click Create Task.
  4. The team-member will receive a notification that you have assigned them a task.

How to view and manage Tasks

  1. From the notification centre click the Tasks Icon.
  2. Hover over any pending task and click the green check button.
  3. Confirm, mark the task as completed.
  4. If a task member assigned the task they will notified that you completed the task.

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