With the assistance of web widgets you can add contact forms, estimate request forms and support ticketing to your website. You and your customers can get in immediate contact, enabling you to provide a faster more professional response using one single interface.

Web widgets can allow you to:

  • Add contact forms to your site
  • Add sales inquiry forms to your website
  • Add estimate request forms to your website
  • Request photos and files from customers on your website
  • Provide customised support ticketing
  • Create custom forms that create documents in Tudodesk.
  • Set-up powerful automatons that trigger when certain forms are submitted.

About the Web Widget

The web widget is a customisable form you can quickly and easily add to your website.  You can configure the widget to capture the information you need from your customers,  then add the widget code to your website.

Web Widget Features

  • Easily and reliably capture customers' personal data such as name, email, telephone and address.
  • Capture GEO location such as country and city.
  • Capture custom data such as a product, service or part.
  • Capture specific info.
  • Allow customers to take photos from their device camera.
  • Allow customers to upload local files or files from Google drive.
  • Allow customers to find photos online via google image search.
  • Automatically enrich customers emails with social data such as profile avatar, social links, gender and bio.
  • Trigger events when forms are submitted such as auto responder emails, notifications and tasks.
  • Send form submissions and files directly into Tudodesk and onto your real-time boards for a turnkey business solution.

Browser requirements

  • Google Chrome: latest versions.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer 11 and EdgeNote. Keep in mind that Internet Explorer 11 is susceptible to memory leaks, which may impact performance.
  • Mozilla Firefox: latest versions.
  • Apple Safari: latest versions.

For information about performing basic tasks related to the Web Widget, see these articles:

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