Whether you are an international company or not, some of your customers may live overseas and therefore use a different currency. 

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To allow for full comprehension of estimates and invoices, Tudodesk features a real-time currency converter on all money documents such as estimates, proposals and invoices. 

The real-time currency converter allows the customer to convert your native currency into theirs. When the customers converts the currency on a document, it does not affect the original document currency. Any payments or orders made will still be in your native currency. The conversion serves purely to help the customer in their analysis of your prices and charges. 

Currently Tudodesk offers real-time conversion rates for:

  • British Pounds - GBP
  • US Dollars - USD
  • Euros - EUR
  • Australian Dollars - AUD
  • New Zealand - NZD 
  • Canadian Dollars - CAD

How to Enable Real-Time Currency Conversion

Click on your avatar in the top right hand corner of the dashboard.

Click 'Settings' from the drop down menu shown.

Scroll down to the 'Localization' section of the settings page and check the box shown below.

Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and click the 'Save' button.

You have now enabled real-time multi-currency conversion in the customer portal.

Your customers can now view documents in multiple currencies by selecting appropriately from the currency selector in the customer portal shown below:

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