Lead generation is an initiation of customer interest/enquiry into your businesses products or services. The purpose of lead creation is to document details, provide a platform for initial communication and most importantly, to allow for the easier creation of a quote or estimate.

Leads can be generated from five different platforms:

  1. Website 
  2. Telephone
  3. E-mail
  4. Walk-in customers
  5. Referrals 

The first step to managing leads is lead creation, and once the basic details of a lead are documented it can be qualified for our sales team who will in turn use the information to prepare a written proposal.

Tudodesk helps you and your team create and manage leads as well as develop them into sales via automated e-mails.

Note: The easiest way to get leads into Tudodesk is by using our built-in form widgets that can be placed on your website or landing pages to act as a lead magnet.

How to Manually Add a Lead

Click the 'Boards' icon from the navigation bar.

Select 'Leads' from the boards list shown.

Click the 'Quick Add' button in the bottom right of the page.

Fill in the contact details, lead source, title and summary then click 'Create lead' when complete.

You and your team can now view the lead form where you can add more details such as expected value, a list of assets as well as photo or file attachments. 

Automatic Leads and Contact Enrichment

When a new contact, lead or customer is added to Tudodesk powerful enrichment software is initiated to gather additional information using only an e-mail address. The enrichment process can gather:

  • An avatar (profile photo)
  • A bio
  • Gender
  • Social links (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

Enhancing a Lead Form with Photo or File Attachments

Once you have created a lead, photos or files can be attached to aid your team in identifying the purpose of the lead. This feature can be particularly useful if your company deals with bespoke items or operates with a degree of specificity. You can learn how to attach documents in the following tutorial: How to Upload Document Attachments.

Listing Items, Products and Services Required

You and your team may need to process the information contained within the lead and sometimes a customer may have parts that are going to be repaired, or a list of services/products required. You can add these into the item list on the lead form: [How to list assets, inventory or items to a lead.]

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