When sending estimates, you might want to set some terms for the estimate. For example the estimate might be valid for a specific period of time, be subject to variances in price or have other parameters that need to be made clear. 

Note: Tudodesk allows you to set standard terms for all documents of the same type. Setting your standard terms for estimates will apply the standard terms to all new estimates, saving you valuable processing time. 

How to Set Standard Terms

Navigate to the board view by clicking the 'boards' icon within the navigation bar. 

Select 'Estimates' from the list shown.

Click the 'Show Menu' button to reveal the 'Board Menu.'

Click the 'Settings' option to open the board settings as shown below.

Scroll down to the 'Deal Terms' section of the settings as shown below.

You can now set the standard terms and standard validity for all estimates as you please.

When you are finished setting your terms, click the 'Quick Save' icon as shown below.

Your standard terms have now been set for all new estimates.

Note: If you wish to attach specific terms to a document without changing the standard terms, please use our tutorial: Editing Terms on a Specific Document.

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