In some cases, you might want to attach files from previous documents within a project. For example if the customer sent an initial image with their inquiry, you might want to attach it to the estimate for a reference. Tudodesk makes the organization and movement of files easy. 

First, navigate to the document you wish to attach a file to.

Reveal the Document Menu by clicking the 'Show Menu' button as shown below.

Click on the 'Files' button within the Project Explorer.

Scroll down to the 'File attachments' section within the document.

Now, simply drag and drop the file that you wish to attach into the file attachments section as shown below.

You have now successfully attached the file to the document. 

Note: Tudodesk stores all of the files for a specific project in the same place, making it easy for you and your team mates to gather and use the correct information whenever you need it.

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