Open the appropriate invoice for payment

Click the 'Pay' button in the document action bar or click the 'Paid' button in the document status bar shown below

Clicking either of these buttons opens the payment window shown below.

Select the correct payment type from the drop down menu

If you have a reference or payment advice such as a bank transfer ID or a credit card authorization code - enter it in the internal comment box.

Important: Never store credit card details in Tudodesk.

Note: Tudodesk assumes the payment as the total due.

Click the 'Accept payment' button.

The payment is now applied to the invoice and the invoice will be marked as 'Paid.'

You can now either print a receipt (if you have a star receipt printer) or download/print a PDF copy.

You can also send a receipt directly to the customer by confirming their e-mail address and clicking 'Email Receipt' in the box shown.

Click the 'Done' button in the centre of the window to close the payment window.

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