Note: This article follows on from Creating an Estimate from a Lead or Inquiry. If you have not encountered this article please follow its instruction and then come back to this article.

First locate and open the document in the document viewer

The area highlighted below is the products, items and services list where Tudodesk will list any charges.

The next step is to list the charges for this estimate.

Note: As you add charges to the estimate Tudodesk automatically calculates the line total, sales tax (if enabled) and estimate total for you.

Make sure that if you are charging sales tax, that this option is enabled and set in the company settings.

There are three options when adding charges to your estimate:

  1. Manually add custom items to the list. 
  2. Add existing items from your company price list by using the item search box. 
  3. Quick add new items to your company price list and add them onto the invoice via the quick add feature.

In this tutorial we will use option (1): Manually add custom items onto the list.

Click the + icon underneath the item list.

Enter a short description for the item, the net unit price, quantity and discount (%).

In this example we have added "Omega Dial" with unit price £195.00. 

Note: Tudodesk will by default set the quantity as one unit. 

We can now add the price of the dial to the estimate and add labour charges. 

We have filled out a new line titled 'Labour per hour' with unit price £32.50 and adjusted the quantity to the amount of hours spent, in this example two hours were spent.

Tudodesk has now correctly calculated the line total as £78.00.

All of the charges and costs for this estimate have now been completed.

The final step is to send the estimate to your customer for approval as shown below

After clicking 'Send', the document send window shown below will appear to confirm the estimate. 

To send the estimate, click the 'Update status to sent' button. 

Tudodesk now marks the document as 'Sent' and sends an e-mail to your customer with a link directly to the estimate in Tudodesk's customer portal.

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