Adding notes and comments to documents can be useful for you and your colleagues. Specific requests, niche processes and side notes can be posted as a comment for your colleagues to see.

Note: Tudodesk's commenting system is updated in real-time and grouped with documents, projects and clients.

The tutorial below will show you how to access and use the comments feature.

First, make sure you have the document that you wish to comment on open in the document viewer

Access the comments by opening the document menu via the 'Show menu' button

If you have not yet encountered the document menu bar, please refer to our article Exploring the document menu to become acquainted.

Click the 'Comments' button in the option list shown below

The comment dialogue box is now open for you to view and post comments and notes.

Add a comment by typing into the comment box and clicking the paper plane icon to submit your comment.

Comments are not shared with the client associated with the project in the client portal. Comments are only shared between you and agents in your domain. 

Note: Under the GDPR in the EU your client can request personal data and your comments may not remain private.

Using the @ mention feature

You can mention another agent or team mate by using the @ followed by their username. Agents are notified immediately after they are mentioned in comments. You can view a list of your team mates usernames under settings>agents.

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