Often customers will need a copy of a document in PDF format, or maybe you just need to reference a document in a message or e-mail.

This tutorial will show you how to attach a document to an e-mail or message using our built in message system. 

In this example we are sending a message to a customer to collect payment on an invoice and for clarity we are going to remind them what the invoice is for, by attaching a PDF of the original estimate.

First open the hidden document menu - click 'Show menu' 

Click the documents option in the menu list shown below

The project document explorer (see below) has now appeared on the right, giving you different documents on this project that you might want to attach.

Scroll down in the document viewer (main screen) so the document message section and composer are in view (see below)

Simply click and hold the correct document and drag it into the message window  

A PDF copy of the document has now been attached to the message for you to send to your contact.

Complete your message and click 'Send'

Tip: You can attach files and images in exactly the same way by opening the file explorer in the project explorer menu and dragging any file into the message window to add it as an attachment. 

This PDF attachment tutorial has now been completed.

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